Company Profile
ITC Properties Group Limited ("ITC Properties") is a Hong Kong-based company with its shares listed on the main board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (Stock Code:199). ITC Properties is principally engaged in property development and investment in Macau, Hong Kong, the PRC, Canada and the United Kingdom, development of, investment in and management of hotels and leisure business in the PRC, Hong Kong and Canada, securities investments and provision of loan financing services.

Be Well-Positioned as to Location, Timing and Strategy to Maximize Returns for the Company and its Shareholders.


Be Persistent in Excellent Development Design and Execution.

  • Acquiring property sites with good locations at relatively low costs for redevelopment
  • Building a property investment portfolio that secures recurring and reliable source of income
  • Forming joint ventures with partners to diversify risk and to share the expertise
  • Maintaining professional team and grasping updated information to meet market changes